I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.
— Louisa May Alcott


Early childhood is a rare opportunity for children to experience a vast array of new ideas in ways which are at once unintimidating and fun. This type of exposure to the larger world allows children to grow accustomed to dealing with unfamiliar concepts and utilizing higher order thinking skills to comprehend new ideas based upon observable information and prior knowledge.

Dual Language Learning

Our dual language (English/Spanish) curriculum begins with structured activities such as morning circle being repeated in both English and Spanish in order to reaffirm that unfamiliar sounds and words do indeed have a familiar meaning. The process then begins to insert Spanish alongside English into stories, songs, games and even activity directions, so that children might be exposed to a new language, but nonetheless gain a mastery of English within an academic setting.

Visual Arts

Here at Christofer Bear Advanced Early Learning Center, we believe that art is the purest expression of a child’s individual sense of wonder. Within our arts program, children work both individually and in large scale group projects which exercise fine motor skill, shape and color recognition, so that they are equipped with skills to best express complex original ideas in a multitude of different media.

Multi-Subject Group Learning

 Our group projects manifest as large scale art, the various components of which are planned, counted and discussed before being decorated and assembled. Taking place before and after each project is group reading, brainstorming, mathematical problem solving, scientific inquiry and imaginative play all focused around a common theme. Learning in such a way at an early age helps children to engage complex subject matter throughout the course of their academic careers without the apprehension which might otherwise hamper their abilities.

Student Led Thematic Studies

Our curriculum is organized around monthly academic themes which serve as a broad base from which children may probe into areas of interest. The beginning of each month begins with a brainstorming of ideas which children associate with our overarching theme. For instance, if the monthly theme happens to be Health and safety, teachers might ask children, “How do we keep ourselves healthy,”  “How do we keep ourselves safe,” or “Who in our community helps to keep us healthy and safe?” Students’ responses to these questions are recorded throughout the brainstorming process, and when finished, teachers assist children in voting on the areas about which they would like to know more!

“Kick Starter” Physical Education

The “Kick Starter” program is one of our own design which daily incorporates calisthenics exercises, warm up routines from various martial arts and stretches from Yoga into a fun way to keep active and in shape!

Dramatic Storytelling 

Stories are meant to be entertaining! This very entertainment value is precisely what captures an audience and interests them enough to actively listen to that which the storyteller has to say. Within our program, each story is told with a dramatic flair which helps students differentiate characters, follow plot points and most importantly of all, remember the story so that they themselves may retell it to friends, parents and teachers.  The retelling allows children to add their own spin to a story, but simultaneously exercises cognitive abilities, speech capabilities and the use of advanced vocabulary.