The power to question is the basis of all human progress.
— Indira Gandhi

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Christofer Bear Advanced Early Learning Center?

Our program offers unique opportunities for students to develop both creative and academic abilities within a secure facility encouraging teamwork, independent thought and the perpetual asking of questions.

Do children need to be fully toilet trained before being enrolled?

At the Christofer Bear Advanced Early Learning Center, we do not require that children are completely toilet trained before enrolling in the program. Our staff is well versed in the toilet training process and strives to assist each child in becoming more independent at their own pace.

Can I leave my stroller in the school?

While we do offer stroller check services from drop off to pick up, we must insist that these strollers be fully collapsible cloth strollers due to limited storage space. We also encourage families to walk to school with children as much as possible in order to exercise gross motor skill.

Does the Christofer Bear Advanced Early Learning Center offer a half day program?

At the Christofer Bear Advanced Early Learning Center, we do not offer a half day program. One of our foremost goals is to provide our students with the skills necessary to approach learning further along in their schooling without apprehension. Children entering into a full day kindergarten or first grade from a full day preschool program will transition into said program with much greater ease than a child accustomed to a half day preschool.

How will information about each class be communicated to parents?

Our parents receive weekly e-mails outlining projects and activities for five days out of a month long theme and a newsletter showcasing student work at the outset of each month. Individual student information is communicated via phone or e-mail, and of course, teachers are available to speak with parents at the beginning and end of each class day.

Also, parent-teacher conferences are to be held three times during the academic year, during Fall, Winter and Spring. Here teachers will outline student progress in various developmental areas and review student work.

How are parents involved at the Christofer Bear Advanced Early Learning Center?

At the Christofer Bear Advanced Early Learning Center, we truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child. Therefore, we encourage our parents to share their knowledge, ideas and talents with our class throughout the year, so as to expose children to the wider world which exists just outside their door!

How will fire and safety drills be conducted?

Emergency drills will be conducted once a month on varying days using both our main entrance and fire corridor. Students will exit the school holding on to a multi-person safety rope in order to ensure that each student remains in sight and focused throughout the drill.